Tuesday, October 25, 2005
The Source vs. BET/Funk Master Flex
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Allhiphop.com reported yesderday that The Source has filed a $100 million dollar lawsuite against BET for not airing the 2005 Source (ghetto mess) Awards. The BET lawsuit was filed last Wednesday in New York Supreme Court and alleges that BET’s EVP and CFO Scott Mills (aka the Mac Daddy) and EVP, General Counsel and CAO yron Marchand conspired to keep The Source Awards off of the network, which is owned by Viacom. Umm that makes perfect sense when come to think of it. The Source Awards where a hot mess filled with drama and terrible performances. The production quality was very low and after watching it you always felt like it you where watching a train wreck waiting to happen.
"Representatives for BET didn't comment on the lawsuit at press time and were unaware of the looming litigation."

Yeah I'm not surprised as The Source is on it's last leg so they think they can sue everyone and save a failing magazine. What's your cirrculation numbers? What's your subscriber numbers? The facts will tell the truth.

The Source also plans to sue Funk Master Flex. Why we don't know...and really don't care. We just want to see The Source close down for good. Again all the writers who still haven't gotten paid from The Source need to file a class action law suit against them and get their money.

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