Thursday, October 06, 2005
Underground Comedy Festival Thursday, October 6th!
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Come in and Laugh!!!!!!!

The R-bar has been chosen to represent Williamsburg/Greenpoint in this year's New York Underground Comedy Festival Thursday, October 6th!

This performance will showcase all the R-bar regulars who will perform some crazy-ass comedy under the BQE at 10:00. The show is freeā€¦ the laughs and drinks are cheap!

It's gonna be a F**kin' Great show! Come in and support your local comic and The R-bar! Bring a friend, tell a friend...help make this night a success!

Brian Finkelstein hosts:
Mike Dobbins, Ritch Duncan, Kimmy Gatewood, Chris Jurek,
Michael Martin, Liam McEneaney, Charlie Sanders
and Victor Varnado perform!

The R-Bar

451 Graham Avenue (under the BQE @ Meeker)
Take the L train to Graham Avenue then walk down to Meeker
It's 6 blocks form the train- (metropolitan, conseylea, skillman, jackson, withers, frost, meeker)

(718) 486-6116


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