Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Free continues long term fued with BET
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Last night BET celebrated 25 years in the game. But several popular BET faces where missing from the show. Abscent from the BET 25th celebration was Free. We've all seen the pictures of her out and about dancing and host various events. But why is she still mad at BET? During the show all former VJ's where asked to come on stage. They lied and said that had all the host on the stage. AJ was not on the stage nor was Free, or Madalin Woods and a few other missing faces. Where was the co-host of Videl Soul? AJ was paid a hefty sum to attend the function and was put up at a 5 star hotel in order to attend the celebrations. But when Free was asked to join in she declined a free trip and the check. So Free is still pissed after what happened at the BET Awards and the fight she got into with network folks. We applaude her for standing her ground
and telling BET to kiss her ass. Go On Girl! If she was on her A game though, she could have been in the 50 cent movie.

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