Saturday, November 19, 2005
Hip-Hop Soda Shop
Coming to Harlem
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Judging from the name you'd think it was a fast food joint. But it's really a healthy alternative to McDonalds. Hip-Hop Soda Shop has signed a deal to move on to 125th street and start serving Harlem "Biggie" and "Smallie" wraps. They also serve a full line of sodas, lemonades, and energy drinks maded with WhiteTea and sweetened with chicory syrup. H3 Enterprises has created a unique restaurant concept to celebrate and capitalize on the skyrocketing demand for everything Hip Hop. The HipHopSodaShops come complete with a healthy quick service menu, merchandising, memorabilia, plasma screens, and a large area exclusively devoted to competitive CyberSports ie video sports games. This might be a really good hook to bring kids in, eat a healthy meal and play video games in a posh Harlem spot. Rapper Juvenile will play a role in the company as well as he will open his own HipHopSodaShop in New Orleans during it's re-building. Juvie and H3 Enterprises are already working together on relief effort for New Orleans rebuilding via a on going tour.

The store itself is not McDonalds. You'll see Plasma screen TV's from wall to wall. The HipHopSodaShopChannel, a narrow band channel played only in their locations, will play high definition, dynamic signage, music videos, the latest advertisements targeting the Hip Hop community, and real time information on plasma and LCD displays hung in the restaurants.

The menu is a hoot and a holla. You'll laugh out loud when you read the
The FiftyCentC'pecials (The FCC's) or the booD' licious D'serts and I know I can't wait to get my hands on a Kelis MilkShake.

Look for the space to open early 2006.


(via ProHipHop.com)

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