Thursday, November 17, 2005
Naomi flys to save Foxy
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We didn't know that supermodel Naomi Campbell was a doctor. Apparently she's powered up her invisible jet and flew to NYC to help out her friend Foxy Brown. A month or so ago reports came out that Foxy Brown was suffering from a rare condition which has robbed her of her hearing. People would think that Foxy was being a bitch cause they would holla at her but she would pay them no attention. But now the rap star is determined to get back in the limelight by keeping it fashion forward while she works on her hearing problem. But Naomi has come to her rescuss via the "research" that she probably did on WebMD.com to try and help her friend out during this time. I don't think sharing a joint will fix that Naomi.

But Foxy says there a side to this story that pisses her off. Some of her friends have turned their backs on her because she is currently unable to record an album until she can have her medical situation taken care of. She says, When you go through a crisis, you really see who is there for you... A lot of people that I thought would be there through thick and thin have completely disappeared. Because I couldn't hear, I was no longer useful to them. I couldn't put a record out. Foxy brushes the hates off her sholder and insists the snubs have only made her stronger. She explains, I decided when they see me, I'm going to be the same Foxy, looking head to toe gorgeous. I'm trying to be normal, even though every night I would cry myself to sleep.

Well don't cry, dry your eye Foxy, you and Rah Digga are still the best female rappers of the moment. And even if you have to put out a sign language rap CD I'm sure it will be the hottest thing out there.

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