Thursday, November 17, 2005
T.I. Imparts His Wisdom on The Biz
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On The Biz (www.thebiz.com), 9 contestants are battling it out to see who can make all the way from intern to becoming President of their own label. So far, they have created their own label, promoted a showcase, made a music video, coordinated a photoshoot for Paul Wall, and signed their first artist. Through it all, promotions have brought the 2 best players up to the level of Vice President, leaving the others behind. Tune in (www.thebiz.com) to today's episode to see the promotion reward - lunch with T.I., and find out what the two contestants learn from the experience.

Then - be sure to keep watching until the end, as T.I. helps to advise Lyor Cohen on who should be the ultimate winner!

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