Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Usher wants to be Will Smith
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Usher tells MTV that he’s hoping his new film, “In the Mix,” will support his quest to become an heir to the Will Smith throne.

"There's probably only one ... Will Smith," he said, beaming with admiration. "You look at the overall build of his career ... I'd love to have something similar to that, man." The singer views “In the Mix,” due in theaters Nov. 23, as the first step on a journey to be filled with solid, quality roles following supporting parts in such films as "The Faculty," "She's All That" and "Texas Rangers."

In this movie Usher is a popular DJ he gets mixed up with mob and has to protect a mob bosses daughter.
However all the white girls pawn over him and want to have him in their bed. Expect to see lots of
womens diamond watches, lots of bad one liners, and just some sick boring acting. Usher just seems to dry
to really make a big impact on screen. Maybe when he finds the right role we will pay attention.

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