Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Vibe Awards 2005
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What the hell is the Vibe Awards? It really has to be the hottest piece of shitty mess that I've ever seen. The performances are lack luster! What was Keisha Cole thinking about? The outfit looked it was from the $5 Store and the performance was so very 9th Grade public access. We here at GG think Keisha Cole needs to go back to working at the chicken shack in the hood cause we just can't stand her ghetto actin ass. And what the fuck was around Pharrells neck? It looked like he was trying to be the grandson of Mr. T. Just becaue your on stage doesn't make you interesting or really mean that you belong there. The audience looked bored as hell. The only highlight of the show was the MJB tribute. Cause you can't really fuck up MJB. You just have to let her do her thing. She is one of the few REAL DEALS in todays otherwise lack luster music industry.

Our 10 Greasy Tips for the Vibe Awards:

1. Don't allow Keisha Cole to talk or speak or be on camera.
2. No more then 5 people on stage during a performance.
3. Have better awards titles. Vibe Vixen? Negros Please
4. Hire a better looking audience and make sure they can stay awake.
5. Lets get some real performances, something that people will remember.
6. Skits only work if they are funny.
7. Trap in the Closet should not receive any awards.
8. Having Shannon Elizabeth as your token white girl won't make your show better.
9. Mariah deserves every award on the show for this year.
10. Good job for having no fights this year.

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