Monday, November 21, 2005
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We are moving. So update your bookmarks as we present Da Greasy Guide 2.0 bigger, badder, and better.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005
The Game's New Sneaker The Hurricane
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There's nothing like surfing around the internet for sneakers and then landing on a pair of really ugly looking kicks. Well rapper The Game makes his enterence into the sneaker business with a sneaker that looks like it came fresh of the shelf from K-Mart. The design is unfresh, the color way is uninspiring, and the look is just all wrong. The kicks will land in stores 12/26 but this is just another example of how every rapper doesn't need their own clothing line, sneaker, or whatever else. If you good at something just do that and leave the kicks to Nike.

(via: AllHipHop.com)

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Hot Party Tonight
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Breakfast on Pluto
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Now your going to read other reviews that say that this movie drags on or is not worth the journey, but they are totally wrong. In a world over done with big hollywood blockbusters that just leave you feeling like you wasted $10 (see Fantastic Four) then you'll really enjoy the life and times of Patrick who becomes Patricia "Kitten" Braden, scampering about Europe in the '60s and '70s. The back drop of the movie takes place as Kitten is on a magical journey to find herself. War, violence, and danger are always around every courner but in the magical world of Kitten anything is possible. Kitten is raised by a priesthood and an adopeted mother and sister. His wanting to break out as a women forces him to leave home in search for his biological mother. He takes on a series of odd jobs such as singing in a rock band, working as a magician's assistant, working as a theme park mascot and turning tricks on the stroll. But as he goes on in life and discovers his mother and little brother she truely finds herself and lets go of the past. Cillian Murphy gives a most convincing performance as Kitten. It's a much needed departure from his bad guy roles in Flight Plan and Batman Begins. He is the new Johnny Depp and we can't wait to see what he will do next. We totally see him re-doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But as Kitten he gives an amazing perforance and really channels the energy of Hedwig and the Angry Itch. This movie is almost the side/back story to Hedwing in many aspects. But it's worth th trip to the Sunshine Theater to see it.

Now Playing:
SunShine Cinema
143 East Houston Street

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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Top 50 NYC Subways
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When your visitin New York you need to know whic subways are good and which ones to watch out for. So ceck out this posting from A Guy In New York to see which here the Top 50 NYC Subways.

Top 50 nyc subwway stations via AGuyInNewYork.com

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Hot Party Tonight!
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Rocky of mta playaz,mch,D.B.O. Events,team chizzo,and platinum walls
prod. Present:

One night extravaganza @ scopa 28th bet mad & park.

special 1 year anniversary for platinum walls.$20 advance tix.more @ door
Music by dj will and soundproof

For more info:
reg 646 382 4309
Asha 646 228 5032
Bobby bobbydrake@tmail.com
Reem 718 974 5419
Rocky 718 938 8412

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Hip-Hop Soda Shop
Coming to Harlem
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Judging from the name you'd think it was a fast food joint. But it's really a healthy alternative to McDonalds. Hip-Hop Soda Shop has signed a deal to move on to 125th street and start serving Harlem "Biggie" and "Smallie" wraps. They also serve a full line of sodas, lemonades, and energy drinks maded with WhiteTea and sweetened with chicory syrup. H3 Enterprises has created a unique restaurant concept to celebrate and capitalize on the skyrocketing demand for everything Hip Hop. The HipHopSodaShops come complete with a healthy quick service menu, merchandising, memorabilia, plasma screens, and a large area exclusively devoted to competitive CyberSports ie video sports games. This might be a really good hook to bring kids in, eat a healthy meal and play video games in a posh Harlem spot. Rapper Juvenile will play a role in the company as well as he will open his own HipHopSodaShop in New Orleans during it's re-building. Juvie and H3 Enterprises are already working together on relief effort for New Orleans rebuilding via a on going tour.

The store itself is not McDonalds. You'll see Plasma screen TV's from wall to wall. The HipHopSodaShopChannel, a narrow band channel played only in their locations, will play high definition, dynamic signage, music videos, the latest advertisements targeting the Hip Hop community, and real time information on plasma and LCD displays hung in the restaurants.

The menu is a hoot and a holla. You'll laugh out loud when you read the
The FiftyCentC'pecials (The FCC's) or the booD' licious D'serts and I know I can't wait to get my hands on a Kelis MilkShake.

Look for the space to open early 2006.


(via ProHipHop.com)

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Friday, November 18, 2005
Did you miss the NYC Sneaker competition?
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Head over to Freshness for more pictures of rare, exclusive or never seen before sneakers which were on display at the Sole Collector sneaker competition at Niketown NYC.

(via hypebeast.com)

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The Wired Store Opens in Soho
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Gadgets and Gadgets and more Gadgets. The Wired Store opened today in Soho. With over 70 products on display and more geeks and down town Soho chicks then you can shake a stick at The Wired Store will be a popular shopping destination for the short time that it's suspose to be open. The store is only open from Nov. 18th until Xmas eve. So make sure you check it out. They will have various events such as a DJ nights and a special invite only Nokia event.
160 Wooster St.


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Hot Party Tonight
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Chris Annibell


an exploration in afro-rhythm and its influence on dance music: fusing latin grooves, afrofunk, house, soul, dub, broken beat and tropical rhythms



Chris Annibell plus special guests DJ Cato (sofrito salvaje) rocking his house and latin flavors plus Isabel Pupo-Walker on drums + percussion.
Don't sleep on the after-hours people!!! We rock until 6:00am every week, doors close at 5:00am.
when: EVERY FRIDAY (10pm–6am)
cover: $10
where: NYC, LOVE (Corner of W8th Street @ MacDougal / ENTRANCE ON MACDOUGAL)
trains: B, D, F, V, A, C, E to West 4th Street
N, Q, R, W to 8th Street

links: http://afrokinetic.com http://musicislove.net

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Confessions on a Gay Soap Opera
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Mother Maddy aka Madonna has just signed a deal with MTV/Logo network to bring the drama to the air. Her production company, Maverick TV, will produce a gay themed soap called San Rafael. The show will be akin to Melrose Place ad follow the lives of 4 friends and foes living in the same apartment complex. The first episode will find the gang running to Tower to purchase Madonna's new smash hit album, Confessions on a Dance Floor. Will this be better or worse then the already airing black gay soap Noah's Arc?

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Thursday, November 17, 2005
T.I. Imparts His Wisdom on The Biz
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On The Biz (www.thebiz.com), 9 contestants are battling it out to see who can make all the way from intern to becoming President of their own label. So far, they have created their own label, promoted a showcase, made a music video, coordinated a photoshoot for Paul Wall, and signed their first artist. Through it all, promotions have brought the 2 best players up to the level of Vice President, leaving the others behind. Tune in (www.thebiz.com) to today's episode to see the promotion reward - lunch with T.I., and find out what the two contestants learn from the experience.

Then - be sure to keep watching until the end, as T.I. helps to advise Lyor Cohen on who should be the ultimate winner!

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Naomi flys to save Foxy
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We didn't know that supermodel Naomi Campbell was a doctor. Apparently she's powered up her invisible jet and flew to NYC to help out her friend Foxy Brown. A month or so ago reports came out that Foxy Brown was suffering from a rare condition which has robbed her of her hearing. People would think that Foxy was being a bitch cause they would holla at her but she would pay them no attention. But now the rap star is determined to get back in the limelight by keeping it fashion forward while she works on her hearing problem. But Naomi has come to her rescuss via the "research" that she probably did on WebMD.com to try and help her friend out during this time. I don't think sharing a joint will fix that Naomi.

But Foxy says there a side to this story that pisses her off. Some of her friends have turned their backs on her because she is currently unable to record an album until she can have her medical situation taken care of. She says, When you go through a crisis, you really see who is there for you... A lot of people that I thought would be there through thick and thin have completely disappeared. Because I couldn't hear, I was no longer useful to them. I couldn't put a record out. Foxy brushes the hates off her sholder and insists the snubs have only made her stronger. She explains, I decided when they see me, I'm going to be the same Foxy, looking head to toe gorgeous. I'm trying to be normal, even though every night I would cry myself to sleep.

Well don't cry, dry your eye Foxy, you and Rah Digga are still the best female rappers of the moment. And even if you have to put out a sign language rap CD I'm sure it will be the hottest thing out there.

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Now Showing: Rumors of War
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November 11 to December 10, 2005
76 Grand Street, New York

Deitch Projects is pleased to present Rumors of War, a painting installation by Kehinde Wiley inspired by the history of equestrian portraiture. The installation features four larger-than-life canvases each updating a specific Old Master painting with a contemporary sitter, framed in custom-designed ornate, gilded frames. Soaring to heights of over nine feet, the paintings’ exaggeration of scale and high-keyed cinematic colour highlight Wileys interest in the aestheticization of power and masculinity.

Retaining the trappings of power implied in their sources, Wiley reproduces the rippling shoulders of thoroughbreds, the baroquely billowing fabrics, and the vague, idealized pastoral backgrounds but instead of polished riding boots in the gilded stirrups, we find Nike High-tops. The clash of centuries and societies heightens the sense that these men are riding steeds in a charged non-space outside of time, while the extraterrestrial greens and blues of the minimal landscape push the surreal aspect almost to the breaking point.

76 Grand Street
p: 212.343.7300

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Diddy is the Devil
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The Diddy aka the devil of the music industry has done the Lox wrong. Diddy and the Lox went toe to toe on the radio during the Angie Martinez Show. The Lox accuse Diddy of owning all of their publishing rights for 10 years. So any songs they make as a group or solo Diddy will make money off of. Diddy told them to step up and be men and come down to the Bad Boy office and settle it face to face. Diddy was pissed that they where on the radio calling him a theif. The Lox accused Diddy of destroying numerous careers from Faith to 112.

Listen to the heated interview:
Download the Audio Here

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Brandy's Wigs and Weaves
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Watch out ladies Brandy is really doing it big as she moves from internationally known superstar to business woman. Now Brandy has always been know for her hair, but this time she is bring the hair to you. Ultima is her new line of hair extensions and wigs. And from the photos it looks like every black girl from LA to NYC is gonna be weaving it up with this product. When will Brandy return to the studio? Who knows, shes not even currently signed to a major recording deal at the moment.


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2006 Essence Music Festival
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As ESSENCE continues to work closely with city and state officials to rebuild the city of New Orleans, The 2006 Essence Music Festival will be temporarily relocated to Houston, Texas. Plans are underway for the annual event, which will be held on July 1, 2, and 3, 2006 at Reliant Park. A component of the 2006 Festival will be devoted to helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina. More details will be announced in the weeks ahead, and tickets will go on sale December 1.

Visit: http://www.essence.com/essence/emf/ for more info and to start booking your hotel.

Good job for Essence keeping the Festival alive.

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New Biggie Video f/ Bob Marley
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THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. DUETS: THE FINAL CHAPTER album hittin' shelves on Tuesday, December 20th on Bad Boy Records! For more info and to hear cuts off the CD, log on to www.biggieduets.com today!

Notorious BIG f/ Bob Marley Hold Ya Head


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DJ Shandi, from Americas Next Top Model
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Pink is the New Black Wednesdays
With DJ Shandi, from Americas Next Top Model

DJ Shandi will spin choice tracks from totally rad artists of the 80s!
Dress to impress and dance all night to, like, the best songs ever!

No cover!
Awesome Late Night Special!
Featured Drink: Thats Me! Martini only $5 from 10-11pm

Every Wednesday at
Mixx Lounge
84 Seventh Ave South
(between Bleecker & Grove)
New York, NY 10014
212-243-7888 (phone)
212-243-7977 (fax)

Trains: 1 & 9 to Christopher St or A,C,E,B,D,F&V to West 4th

Its the bomb, for sure!

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N.E. Masters Music Conference
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When: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 @ 5pm
Where: Avalon (47 West 20th St. @ 6th Ave.)
Why: Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 for UNICEF
Ages: 18+ Entry / 21+ to Drink / Bring Picture ID
Cost: Panel Discussion - $20 / Benefit Concert - $5 minimum, $20 Recommended Donation

Phylicia Fant - Directory of Publicity for Universal Music Group
Arthur Mitchell - V.P. Urban Network
Trick - Artist/Promoter, Godsun Ent.
Harold Whaley - Program Director Urban Network Radio
Mitzi Miller - Associate Editor of Jane Magazine
Kurtis Blow - Hip-Hop Legend
Grand Master Caz - Hip-Hop Legend
Black Rob - Bad Boy Recording Artist
CL Smooth - BlackHeart Ent., ShamanWork Recording Artist
Mike Loe - DJ/Producer
More panelists confirming daily...

Showcase Performers:
Wolfpak (Wolfpak Management)
Proximity Minds
Big Scoob aka Johnny Famous
Mental Sharpness
Giovonni Supreme

Benefit Concert Performers:
BLACK ROB (Bad Boy Ent.) - NEW ALBUM IN STORES NOW!!! (www.theblackrobreport.com)
CL SMOOTH (BlackHeart Ent., ShamanWork Records) - EP IN STORES 01/06 & NEW SINGLE IN STORES 12/05!!!
G-DEP (Bad Boy Ent.)
BIG PEP (MicWreck)
MEL LOVE & ILLA COIN (Link2Link/Bad Boy Ent.)
EAST SIDE SOPRANOS (Link2Link/Bad Boy Ent.)
special guest appearance by KURTIS BLOW
More artists confirming daily...

To get on the V.I.P list with a $50 pledge, send an email to info@micwreck.com with "VIP List" in the subject or call 646-217-4266, and include your Name and Phone Number no later than Monday, November 14.

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Lil' Mo Get's a Divorce
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R&B singer Lil' Mo is getting a divorce from her husband, real estate developer Al Stone. Now this marriage lasted longer then we expect Britney and MC Kev's will. But what do you expect for 2 people who got married after only knowing each other for 3 months. They have two daughters-Heaven, 3, and God'iss Love, who will turn a year old in February. We suggest that she get some better names for her kids cause them names is a little to Erykah Baduish for us.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Vibe Awards 2005
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What the hell is the Vibe Awards? It really has to be the hottest piece of shitty mess that I've ever seen. The performances are lack luster! What was Keisha Cole thinking about? The outfit looked it was from the $5 Store and the performance was so very 9th Grade public access. We here at GG think Keisha Cole needs to go back to working at the chicken shack in the hood cause we just can't stand her ghetto actin ass. And what the fuck was around Pharrells neck? It looked like he was trying to be the grandson of Mr. T. Just becaue your on stage doesn't make you interesting or really mean that you belong there. The audience looked bored as hell. The only highlight of the show was the MJB tribute. Cause you can't really fuck up MJB. You just have to let her do her thing. She is one of the few REAL DEALS in todays otherwise lack luster music industry.

Our 10 Greasy Tips for the Vibe Awards:

1. Don't allow Keisha Cole to talk or speak or be on camera.
2. No more then 5 people on stage during a performance.
3. Have better awards titles. Vibe Vixen? Negros Please
4. Hire a better looking audience and make sure they can stay awake.
5. Lets get some real performances, something that people will remember.
6. Skits only work if they are funny.
7. Trap in the Closet should not receive any awards.
8. Having Shannon Elizabeth as your token white girl won't make your show better.
9. Mariah deserves every award on the show for this year.
10. Good job for having no fights this year.

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No Homo for Johnny Gill
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We reported a few weeks ago that Johnny Hill and Mr. Murphy where a happy couple living it up on fire island and readdy to jump the broom. Well Johnny has been hitting the radio waves speaking out and saying that he's not gay. HOW YOU DOIN'! Here is the audio clip judge for yourself.
"I'm100% all man," said Johnny. "There's nothing that another man can do for Johnny Gill."


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Greasy Maps: NYC Sneaker Spots
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Coming to NYC is all about shopping and finding the next hot item that no one in your area will have. Well, in our on going series of NYC urban maps, here is our latest creation. This map list all the hot sneaker spots in NYC. Training Camp, Dave's Quality Meats, and more all listed here for your sneaker shopping pleasure. And if we miss a spot and you want us to add it send us an e-mail at streetforce1@gmail.com.


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Monday, November 14, 2005
Earl Monroe's Restaurant & Pearl Club
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Earl Monroe's Restaurant & Pearl Club
Riverbank Drive at 145th St.
New York NY
Telephone: 212.491.1500
Web: www.earlmonroes.com

Former New York Knicks star Earl “the Pearl” Monroe has opened this 275- seat restaurant and supper club in Harlem’s Riverbank State Park. No one invited us to the opening. But that's ok. We will walk on down to the end of 145th and check it out. From what we've heard it's a pretty big space. Inside seats 125, including seating for 25 in the bar and lounge, and during the warmer months the patio facing the Hudson will open with seating for 150. Will this be the new hot spot? Harlem is all the rage with new hot spot. So make sure you keep your eye on the NYC Soul Food Map

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50 Cent/G-Unit Books
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50 Cent and the whole G-Unit crew have just signed a deal with MTV/Pocket Books to launch G-Unit Books. Nikki Turner, author of A Hustler's Wife will pen the first book in the deal and will be out by this summer, according to Pocket Books Publisher Louise Burke. The publisher expects G-Unit Books to produce two or three books a year of prose fiction, with the illustrated, graphic novels sprinkled into the schedule. The deal grew out of MTV/Pocket's publication of 50 Cent's memoir, From Pieces to Weight, which spent eight weeks on The New York Times best seller list and continues to sell. 50 Continues to extend his brand over a vast array of area more then any other rapper.

But I think they should get creative and not just do ood books. How about some urban sci-fi. Maybe 50 Cent and the Planet of the Bapes, or 50 Cent in Wonderland. How about Banks in Around the Hood in 8 Days.

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Cosby Kid Find Love with Brandy's Ex
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We are not sure who dumped who but bench warmer Quention Richardson isn't wasting anytime in the game of love. Rumor has it that Quention and Cosby kid Rudy aka Keisha Knight Pulliam are an item. Richardson, who had planned to marry Brandy, but that love soon went foul and they parted ways. Brandy kept the ring thought.

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Monday Night: Football For Charity

Athletes for Charity has aligned a series of professional athletes to host a "Monday Night: Football for Charity" event scheduled to launch on Monday, Sept. 12, 2005 at Bogart's located at 39th Street and Park Avenue. The donations raised will support Katrina Relief Efforts for those directly affected by the devastating effects of the killer hurricane which has displayed so many families. Confirmed host athletes will include NFL players volunteering on their own personal time to support this initiative. The hosts include such names as Carlos Emmons, Reggie Torbor, Visanthe Shiancoe, Fred Robbins, Osi Umenyiora, Myniya Smith, and many others.
Athletes for Charity, Inc. is a New York based organization aimed at supporting the philanthropic and volunteer efforts of Athletes of all genres, by providing avenues for the exchange of information, fundraising assistance, and the coordination of community service and development initiatives. Athletes for Charity, Inc. serves as a charitable organization dedicated towards encouraging the giving of time, financial resources, and information, to improve the collective lives of disadvantaged citizens, advance the common good, and support the non profit sector. The organization maintains its status as a Foundation at the National Heritage Foundation and is a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) federal tax exemption organization under the National Heritage Foundation.

The organization's efforts have benefited organizations such as the Incarnation Children Center, a skilled nursing facility exclusively for children and adolescents with HIV/AIDS. It provides specialized care in a nurturing environment for children and provides the child and his/her family with an interdisciplinary service designed to meet the challenges of pediatric HIV/AIDS and minimize its effects on the quality of their life. They serve as advocates for these infants, children and adolescents in all matters pertaining to their health care. Other charities include organizations specifically focused on the health and wellness needs of children such as the Hale House, Inwood House, and the Salvation Army Group Home Programs.

Athletes for Charity, Inc. recently celebrated it's one year anniversary with a series of events: A birthday party for Carlos Emmons of the New York Giants; a "Welcome to New York Party" for Quentin Richardson of the New York Knicks; and a "Season Kick-off Party for Charity" hosted by Lance Legree (NY Jets), Dhani Jones (Philadelphia Eagles) and Osi Umenyiora (NY Giants).

A donation of $5,000 was made by Athletes for Charity, Inc. to the American Red Cross and they intend to allocate all donations for the month of September to Katrina Relief Efforts as well. Two of the anniversary events were held at Pressure (www.pressurenyc.com) which also contributed 15% of their bar revenues from the evening to the American Red Cross.

To RSVP for Monday Night: Football for Charity please send an email with your first and last name to Mondays@athletesforcharity.com

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Mak's Gettho music and movie reviews
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Ok y'all immm baaaaack.....who sings this song...youse a window shoper....don't get mad at me......that's right 50 Cent or young ceaser is what they call him in the movie GET RICH OR DIE TRYING

Its time for Mak's Gettho music and movie reviews. (Where spell checks
don't fucking matter!)

The scene opens up with 9 shots . .4 in the back 3 in the front and one
in the mouth...sounds familair? Then boom we back in the 80's where the crack game was big and members only flight jackets was the shit. In the movie it shows his lifegrowning up with his abscenty moms as a drug dealer and him coming up in the game.. At first it was getting real dry. I was in the theater like what the fuck is this wack ass shit. (Some where in the movie I
started to think back into my memory about me and my niccas smoking an L. With that brown tonic in my system and strippers on my shit) then guns went off ohh shit we back in 2005 and the movie actually started to get better...niccas was shooting.., robbing mutha fukers, selling crack. I mean the shit was crazy. The movie had some tits and all that. The thing about this movie that it draws you in...its like your telling yourself you want it to be wack but you can't front that this shit is getting good. This movie makes you wounder wats gonna happen next. Or
make one of those "Ohh shit that's fuked up!", or ohh shit "I knew he was a snitch". The ending was pretty cool it kind of reminded me of eight mile just a little better. One scene seemed kind of suspect if you now what I'm saying but I aint never been locked up nah mean...

I give this movie
2 blunts and a roach out of 5.

If you got 1 hour and 45 minutes to kill and a L in your system go watch. It.. If not... its up to you.

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Greasy Maps
Listen to this article Listen to this article

MyMaps at MapBuilder.net
Maps are all the rage right now so why not play around with ours. We are going to list over the next few weeks some of the hottest spots to go to in the NYC area. Just click on the MY Maps button and you'll see what's hot. This week is NYC Soul Food.

IT's a work in progress so if you want us to add a spot on the map or have a theme for a new map hit us up at streetforce1@gmail.com.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005
WWE Eddie Guerrero Found Dead
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A World Wrestling Entertainment star was found dead in his hotel room Sunday in Minneapolis, where he was scheduled to appear that evening in a WWE show. Eduardo Gory Guerrero, 38, didn’t respond to a wake-up call Sunday morning, authorities said. His nephew, fellow WWE wrestler Chavo Guerrero, and hotel security at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center forced their way into the room and found him. There were no apparent signs of foul play, police said. An autopsy was planned to determine how Guerrero died.

This just adds to the long list of WWE superstars that have died mysteriously or accidentally. I really hope he wasn't doing some kind of drugs. IS there a curse on the WWE?

(via: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10029582/)

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50 and Terrence Howard naked......
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Not even full frontal nudity from Terrence Howard or 50 Cent could rocket the move to #1. Get Rich or Die Tryin came in at #4 with $12.5 million in ticket sales. However many of the ladies where disappointed that Terrence Howard wasn't holding more to his front during the naked shower fight sceen. We are not sure if it was digitally erased or just not there. But Terrence looks just like a Ken doll in the movie.

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Unsigned Hype Tour Finals
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Sunday November 13, 2005

The New York 2005 Nationwide Unsigned Hype Tour Finals

On Sunday November 13 2005 New York will never be the same Four Kings Productions presents the 2005 Nationwide Unsigned Hype New York Finals. This will be the event of the year in the unsigned community! Artist from the tri state area will hit the stage for the final New York Competition. The stakes are high; somebody is going home with a record deal! YES I SAID A RECCORD DEAL!!! We will also be selecting acts for the Unsigned Hype Tour.

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Friday, November 11, 2005
Beyonce's Big Secret?
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Oprah ain't nothing but one big old commerical. All week we've been seeing previews of Beyonce's new sexy secret. Well come to find out it ain't nothing but a big promo for Beyonce's new fashion line HOUSE OF DERON. Kelly and Michelle will be the first to model for Beyonce's new clothing line. But looking at this picture, Tina Knowles is really running the show. Beyonce is just her sexy puppet.

But you can start buying the clothes right here at:


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Naomi and Tyra Kiss
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Catwalk rivals Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks have ended a 14 year battle against each other. When Tyra was on the news a few months ago doing promotionals for the launch of her talk show she hinted at her fued with Naomi. Tyra stated that Namoi tried to have her block from jobs and that there was constant tension between the two. But this weeks Victoria's Secret fashion show marked the end of the cat fighting. Insiders say the beauties agreed that their handlers had pitted them against each other because they were two of the few black stars in the business.
Naomi has agreed to appear on the Tyra Banks show to discuss their fued and to settle it once and for all in a national setting.

Fuck that! We want to see them battle it in the first ever Victora's Secret's Mud Wrestling. Winner get to be the super model of the world and the loser has to wear clothes from Sears for a year.

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Soul Train Line 1974
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Take a flash back in time and relive the Soul Train Line.


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Juvenile - "Rodeo"
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REALITY CHECK, the new album from New Orleans's finest, Juvenile will be in a hood near you February 2006. Stay tuned to http://www.juvenilerealitycheck.com for the realest sh*t you've ever seen in your life! So check out his new single "Rodeo."
And as always show your love and support of

"Rodeo" - Juvenile (CLEAN - Audio)


Hit our comments area after you listen and let us know how you like the song.

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Hot Parties Tonight!
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Shooting at 50 Cent Movie, movie pulled.
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The new 50 Cent movie Get Rich or Die Tryin has been pulled from a theater where a man was fatally shot even though officials said Thursday they do not know whether the film was a factor in the slaying. Loews Corp. decided to stop showing the rapper's bullet-ridden bio while the investigation is going on, said John McCauley, the company's vice president of marketing. We are unclear whether there is a direct connection, McCauley said. (The are unclear but they are going to make it as such) He said the company is doing all it can to make sure patrons are safe at the 22-screen multiplex in a popular entertainment-and-shopping complex just east of Pittsburgh. Shelton Flowers, 30, had just watched the rapper's movie Wednesday when he got into a confrontation with three men in the bathroom. A fight ensued and spilled out into the concessions area, where Flowers was shot, police said. Authorities were looking for witnesses, and no suspects were immediately arrested.

Of course white people think that black people have no sense. They think just cause we play a violent video game or watch a movie that has shooting in it that we will go out and do these things in real life. Get Rich or Die Tryin is not the first black movie with guns or drugs in it nore will it be the last. Life is not always golden and as much as people want to say that life imitates art. I think it's more so that Art imitates life. Life in the streets is hard. Every 1 out of 2 black man has a job. Violence is apart of the American culture. Violence is apart of lives all over the world. From Harlem to the Paris Riots, from the war on Iraq, to the way the west was won. And until people realise that we don't need the RIAA and we need to put a ban on guns then there will be shotings, and violence, and war right outside our doors and at our movie theaters. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Stella McCartney H&M
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The Stella McCartney H&M collection is available only in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Chicago. Her fashions are so hot that the police had to be called in at the NY stores to keep the lines under controll. Expect to see her H&M line to appear on ebay.com for double the price. H&M customers will be able to buy typical Stella McCartney pieces such as narrow drainpipe jeans with stylish details, oversized sweaters, cool tops and t-shirts, sharply tailored suits and feminine evening wear. Some of the proceeds will to help various animal welfare organisations.

Update: H&M stores in New York are SOLD OUT of the line of Stella McCartney clothing. Employees were stripping the clothes off the store-window mannequins to the very last customers.

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Hate It or Love It, 50 on Top!
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The long awaited motion picture, starring Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, entitled Get Rich or Die Trying, hit films yesterday, November 9. The film, written by Terry Winters (Showtimes Sopranos) and directed by six-time Oscar nominee, Jim Sheridan, is a modern day Goodfellas. It chronicles the life of an orphaned street kid, Marcus (Jackson), his ascension as a popular drug dealer, and his destiny to become a superstar. With an all-star cast, including Terrence Howard (Crash, Hustle & Flow), Joy Bryant (Antwan Fisher, Honey), Bill Duke (Hoodlum, Deep Cover), Leon (Five Heartbeats) and Omar Benson Miller, the film supercedes critic expectations, and easily overshadows the likes of films such as 8 Mile, starring Jackson’s label-mate, Marshall Eminem Mathers and other urban street tales.

While the lines of fact and fiction are blurry throughout the film, much of the storyline evolved from Jacksons personal life experiences. After the death of his mother, facing the dangers of the drug trade, and being shot 9 times, Jackson finally succumbed to his destiny. 50 Cent emerged onto the rap scene in 2002, with his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin. The album sold 2.1 million copies in the first three weeks of its release, and went on to be certified six times platinum. Several singles topped the charts, including In the Club, Many Men (Wish Death), and 21 Questions, - thus began the rebirth of gangster rap. Jackson followed up with The Massacre, in 2005, which has sold 4 million units to date, making him the first artist to have four songs in the top ten of Billboards Hot 100 since 1964. Can one think of a better embodiment of star power? Add to it the fact that Jackson, despite his gangster persona, exudes confidence, hilarity and charm Its no wonder everyone is trying to get a piece of him. Seems he has got the Midas touch.

While many try to write the film off as just another gangster movie, whats there is so much more. Its a story about drive, ambition and hope-the strength of a young man faced with insuperable odds, who manages to come out on top. Unfortunately, this is the protocol of the urban experience for far too many young black males. The structure is gritty, while touching on such topics as trust, the family dynamic, and morality. Not to mention, the acting isnt half bad either. To much surprise, Jackson did a phenomenal job on the film. It cant be an easy task to reenact some of the most painful moments in your life. How can you not respect it? Jacksons empire has proved its fortitude, and will grow larger in years to come, if he stays on this track. For those who havent seen the prophetic film, get your tickets early, as its destined to be sold out from state to state; don’t forget to cop the soundtrack, which also promises not to disappoint. - By: Fawn Renee

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Trina's "With Friends Like These"
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T.Y. Entertainment is proud to announce the Black Family Channel to air the pilot for Trina's "With Friends Like These" sitcom, where the Diamond Princess character Cleo inherits a beauty salon from her deceased aunt. Cleo quickly learns all is not glamorous, the beauty salon requires a lot of work and in addition to inheriting a salon she's also inherited her aunt's arch rival. This is not Trina's first time at acting, the Diamond Princess made her acting debut in the Lions Gate feature film A MIAMI TAIL.

The Glamorest Life is fitting for the Diamond Princess. In addition to having her "With Friends Like These" sitcom pilot which she starred, co-created and co-produced aired by the Black Family Channel, her single "Here We Go" featuring Kelly Rowland is in heavy rotation, her Diamond Princess Perfume is receiving rave reviews and she's developing her Diamond Dolls Modeling Agency for women with low self esteem.

"With Friends Like These" sitcom pilot air dates are as follows:
Thursday, November 10, 2005 @ 9:30pm
Saturday, November 12, 2005 @ 9:00 pm

Additional information regarding "With Friends Like These" sitcom may be obtained by logging on to www.WithFriendsLikeThese.TV

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Paris Hilton Car Crash Video
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That wacky Paris Hilton she is always in trouble and living life on the wild side. While running from the photographers her boyfriend speed off and hit the back of a car. Watch it all on video right here. VIDEO LINK

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Usher Gift Cards for Christmas
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Two new Visa Gift cards available exclusively at SunTrust. The new Usher In the Mix and Truth Tour Visa Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that can be used anywhere in the United States where Visa debit cards are accepted. Featuring images of the Grammy-award winning artist in conjunction with the national release of Lions Gate Films "In the Mix" on November 23, 2005, and the Truth Tour DVD released nationally November 8, the cards can be ordered online at http://www.suntrust.com/usher or by calling SunTrust Gift Card Customer Service at 1-800-318-0210. Denominations are available in whole dollar increments from $25 up to $500, and each card is personalized with the cardholder's name embossed right on the card. a portion of the card's proceedswill benefit Usher's New Look Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at giving aspiring yet disadvantaged youth a new outlook on life through education and real world experiences. To learn more about Usher's New Look Foundation visit, http://www.ushersnewlook.org

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Isaac Mizrahi Show Taping today 2pm.
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The Isaac Mizrahi Show is looking for audience members for this Thursday (Nov 10th) at 2pm.

The show is a fashion-oriented talk show- we have all sorts of audience makeovers (sometimes giveaways), celebrity guests, chefs, and fashion advice! Last week we gave away a cruise to one of our audience members, and earlier this week we gave away a $2,000 gift certificate to a spa.

The studio is located at 501 W. 36th St (between 10th & 11th ave). Arrive at 2:00pm on Nov 10th (this Thursday- no later than 2:30pm) if you'd like to attend a free taping. Everyone that comes will also get free VIP tickets to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for a show date after the new year.

Please print out this letter and bring it with you if you'd like to attend. Tickets are free.

Mike Damanskis
Audience Coordinator
Isaac Mizrahi Show
E! Entertainment

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Hot Parties Tonight!
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Thursday, Nov. 10th
Interscope Thursdays

@ LQs
(511 Lexington Ave btwn 47th & 48th)


Music by
Prince of NY DJ SELF


Thursday Nights ARE BACK in NYC!!
Don't be the only one to miss this.
Our GrandOPening Last week was REAL sexy.
This week will just be better..


Dress Code Sexy & Chic.

No Hats and Construction Boots
** 2Bottle Minimum for VIP **
Call 917-353-3336

**This Event is Brought To You by

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8th Annual Chocolate Show
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The 8th Annual Chocolate Show gets kicked off tonight with a haute coture fashion show. Yes it's clothes made out of chocolate. The show opens to the public Friday-Sunday and the tickets are $25. http://www.chocolateshow.com/
So make sure you check it out. The lines will be very long. And you'll be dizzy after eating all that chocolate. But it's better then the paris riots so enjoy.

Also check out:
Like Chocolate for Water is an after-dinner chocolate-tasting fundraiser to benefit WaterAid. It takes place on Thursday, November 10th, starting at 8:30pm until 10:30pm. You'll meet fun people, learn about high-end chocolate, and taste chocolate bars that are not generally accessible by the general public. WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people. Chocolate impresario David Siegel hosts our first chocolate-tasting fundraiser as we treat you to an exciting evening of amazing chocolate.

The party is Nov 10th, 8:30 to 10:30pm, at Remy Toledo Gallery, 529 West 20th St. (btwn. 10th-11th Aves), Chelsea, New York City

For more information, email david@wowcacao.com

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Bitter = Terri McMillan
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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it's a duck. Terri McMillan states in her TV apperance with her exhusband that "he wasn't the most masculine man." Well if he wasn't then you should have known maybe something was up. Terri she clearly hasn't read any books like "Invisivle Life." But of course Terri's first mistake is dating someone 23 years younger then her. Just cause the dick is good doesn't mean that you munch on it. When she was talking about the "sex" she was all smiles and giddy. It probably was the best sex of her life. But if you dangle a carrot in front of a horse then he's gonna bite.

One thing to note first off is that not everyone who is gay has HIV. We must all assume that everyone is HIV+ positive and protect ourselves accordingly.

Now back to the drama. Terri is clearly bitter, broken, and pissed off. But is this real? Or an elborate publicity stunt to try and drive fire and fule back into her career which is on the rocks. But she could have handled herself a little bit better. She was like a crazy and ghetto chick. All that drama and extraness on the TV with Lady Oprah was just not necessary. We know you are mad but damn this is the most bleeps I've heard on Oprah ever!

But what's going on? I think they are just good girlfriends now. They can go shopping together, share make-up tips, and talk about the men they are dating.

Our greasy tip to Terri is:

It's all about GRACE! Don't go on TV looking like a 50 year old ghetto drug using bitch. Calm the fuck down and act like your over it. You are in pain and you need to really take some time off to heal.
Cause it's written all over your face and your body language. And until you let go of the pain then your going to always live your life as a bitter and angry black woman. But is that bitterness or drug usage? Hummm...that might be a topic for another Oprah show and your next book.

Side note for Oprah:

That hair is ugly! And good for you buying the film rights to the book. This was such a good promotional event.

What did the message boards have to say?

Artie's Party:
LilRedd: dang...is she drunk????

Mischa: I have so many issues with this BS. I will repeat what I wrote on another board about it.I have so many issues with this. So many. As someone that is divorced, I can say that even in the most amicable splits, there has to be some point where you just let that go. I have no doubt in my mind that Oprah paid big money and gave a lot of incentive for both of them to come on her show. However, I don't think this is the type of situation that needs any more media attention. It makes everyone involved looked bad - Oprah included. Why sensationalize a situation like this?

I have always suspected that Oprah was really gay herself with her lover Gail and that Stedman is really her beard - with his own sexuality called into question numerious times - anyone remember the barber incident? I do.

Terry McMillian has always come off to me as very bitter controlling black woman. I believe that the only type of man that she could ever have is someone who she could rule and control. The fact that he was 20 when she met him and totally without finances, showed me that she saw a situation where she could have some emotions and still yield control. She controlled that situation, she supported him and I am not surpised at all that this man is truly gay. She is the type of woman that would hand a man his balls on a platter, tell me how a very mature centered black man is going to allow Terry that kind of power. Women like her I don't believe can actually have a true equal partnership.

It is over now. And they all should have learned from this situation. Sitting on television revisiting something like this, just makes it worse. Like my granny used to say "Messing in old shit, just makes it smell worse."

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