Monday, April 25, 2005
Hot Spots Dat Play Hip-Hop
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199 Bowery
212/982.77676 C to Spring St; F to 2nd Avenue
$7 to $12 drinks
Nod ya head to hip-hop and R&B on the weekends.

2. NV
289 Spring Street (at Hudson Street)
212/929.6868A,C train to Canel Street
10pm to 4am
$9 to $13 drinks
There is ALWAYS a party going on here, however, the security is TIGHT!

3. 40/40
6 W 25th Street
N,R to 23rd Street
Monday to Friday 7pm to 3am, Saturday to Sunday 'til 4am
$10 to $20 drinks
Jay-Z's latest business venture.

4. SOB’s
200 Varick Street
1,9 to Houston
Monday to Thursday and Sunday 7pm to 2am; Friday and Saturday 'til 4:30am
$8 to $12 drinks
There's always a party going on here. The fellas over at Allhiphop.com name this as their number 1 hotspot.

5. The Duplexx
46 Washington Avenue (between Park Avenue and Flushing Avenue)
G at Clinton-Washington Streets
8pm to 4am
$5 to $20
Where all the sexy people come to play.

6. Ida Mae's Kitchen - n - Lounge
111 W 38th Street
A,C,E to 42nd St
$10 to $15 drinks
This is becoming the new late-night spot for the brothas and sistas who like to mix and mingle.

7. Club New York
1487 1st Avenue
A,C,E to 42nd Street
Friday to Sunday 10pm to 4am
$10 to $15 cover; $10 to $15 drinks
The security is TIGHT up in here! But once you get pass that, it's a cute spot to chill at.

8. Coffee Shop
29 Union Square
N,R,4,6 to 14th Street/Union Square
10pm until ?
$8 to $10 drinks
The downstairs lounge on a Saturday is where all the beautiful brothas and sistas are chillin'.

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