Monday, November 14, 2005
Mak's Gettho music and movie reviews
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Ok y'all immm baaaaack.....who sings this song...youse a window shoper....don't get mad at me......that's right 50 Cent or young ceaser is what they call him in the movie GET RICH OR DIE TRYING

Its time for Mak's Gettho music and movie reviews. (Where spell checks
don't fucking matter!)

The scene opens up with 9 shots . .4 in the back 3 in the front and one
in the mouth...sounds familair? Then boom we back in the 80's where the crack game was big and members only flight jackets was the shit. In the movie it shows his lifegrowning up with his abscenty moms as a drug dealer and him coming up in the game.. At first it was getting real dry. I was in the theater like what the fuck is this wack ass shit. (Some where in the movie I
started to think back into my memory about me and my niccas smoking an L. With that brown tonic in my system and strippers on my shit) then guns went off ohh shit we back in 2005 and the movie actually started to get better...niccas was shooting.., robbing mutha fukers, selling crack. I mean the shit was crazy. The movie had some tits and all that. The thing about this movie that it draws you in...its like your telling yourself you want it to be wack but you can't front that this shit is getting good. This movie makes you wounder wats gonna happen next. Or
make one of those "Ohh shit that's fuked up!", or ohh shit "I knew he was a snitch". The ending was pretty cool it kind of reminded me of eight mile just a little better. One scene seemed kind of suspect if you now what I'm saying but I aint never been locked up nah mean...

I give this movie
2 blunts and a roach out of 5.

If you got 1 hour and 45 minutes to kill and a L in your system go watch. It.. If not... its up to you.

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