Saturday, April 30, 2005
2 new stores open in Harlem
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Atmos - Tee Shirts and exclusive hard to find sneakers now hit harlem. 203 W. 125th St., 212.666-2242 http://www.atmosnyc.com/

Dress Code offfers exclusive premium brand clothing for men and women. Check them out at 2476 Frederdick Douglass Ave (8th Ave.) 212-491-1133. They have all the top high end urban designers like Cult, Buffalo, Miss Sixty, Frankie B., Joe's and Caffine.

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B. Oyama Homme is now on line
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Your favorite high end men's shirts store is now on line. Check out the hot shirts at www.boyamahomme.com

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Jody Watley Tonight!
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All you 80's fan get your $20 together and have a good time tonight at the Roxy. Your girl Jody Watley will be in the house performing old and new songs. Check out www.roxynyc.com for more information. Party starts at 11pm.

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Friday, April 29, 2005
Freedom Fridays@ DISCOTHEQUE
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Everglo at The Cherry Lounge
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Cherry Lounge
454 West 128th Street (near Amsterdam Avenue)
Subway: A, B, C or D to 125th Street;
1 or 9 to 125th Street
(212) 662-0900
DJ Goldfinger spins the lates in hip-hop, Reggaeton, and R&B. Dress like you got some sense. No athletic gear of any kind. So don't be cheap and go to Michael K and get a nice looking outfit together and have a good friday night with your friends.

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Brown Chocolate Fridays
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Shake your money maker tonight at the Brown Chocolate Cafe in Brooklyn.
10:00 pm - Free
Brown Chocolate Cafe
1084 Fulton Street (at Claver Place)
Subway: C or S to Franklin Avenue

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Venus and Serena Williams book signing TODAY!!!
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Venus and Serena Williams, tennis superstars, signing copies of Serving From the Hip at 1:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Rockefeller Center. New York, NY. www.hopstop.com to find directions to the store.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005
The Greasy Ipod Playlist 4 This Week
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1. Long As You Come Home - Brooke Valentine
2. Touch - Omarion
3. Free Yourself - Fantasia
4. I'm a Hustler - Cassidy
5. Whisper - Ying Yang Twins
6. 1 Thing - Amerie
7. Slow Down - Bobby Valentino
8. Still Tippin' - Mike Jones
9. Man Up - Amerie f/ Nas
10. It's Like That - Mariah Carey

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Montgomery: Hot Harlem Fashion
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2312 Seventh Ave.
Train: 2 or 3 to 145st
Hours: 10am-7pm
Finally, a real fashion treasure in Harlem. Montgomery has been doing her thing for years. She first had a store down in Soho but got lost in the melay after 9/11. But you can't hold a good woman down. She moved uptown and now is doing better then ever. Ladies this is a place that you must visit often as designs change on the regular. You will always find something different and special when you go to this store, so make this a MUST VISIT the next time you’re uptown. You won't be disappointed. And make sure to check out the write-ups on Montgomery in the first issue of Suade magazine.

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Chocolat Restaurant Lounge New Harlem Jump Off
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This new spot in Harlem has been around for a while under several different names. But now newly renovated, it's truly off the hook: 3,000 square feet feature contemporary African-American art on chocolate-brown velvet walls and comfortable banquettes to accommodate large parties, as well as small sitting cushions for a more intimate experience. It's a great after-work spot to bring some frinds and relax. The elegant decor and a candlelit interior provide a smooth and energetic ambience conducive to comfort, class, and style. And don't forget to try out a Chocolate Passion or Candy Cane or the Chocolate Kiss, the house favorite drinks. The lounge menu includes a wide selection of Creole crab cakes, Cajun catfish, jerk chicken, and Mardi Gras salad. This place will have you telling all your friends about how good a time you had.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Concert Alert! Mint Condition
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Mint Condition is back with their new album, "Living the Luxary Brown."
They will be performing tonight at B. B. Kings on 42st. Check them out!

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Need a good look? Check out these shopping spots
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4 Ladies
1. Mony Fashions
125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Block
Train: A or C to 125th;
Shop here when you want to capture that true video-girl look, but with a touch of class.

2. X-Girl
265 Lafayette St
Train: N or R to Broadway/Lafayette
Hours: 10am-7pm
When you’re looking for clothes with that something different from all the American clothing lines.
3. Besty Johnson
Locations throughout Manhattan
Hours: 10am-7pm
Yes, you should spend $500 for those original pair of pants.

4. Petit Peton
8th Ave. (Shoe Row)
Train: A to West 4th
Hours: 10am-7pm
$1,600 on shoes is money well spent.

5. Montgomery
2312 Seventh Ave.
Train: 2 or 3 to 145th
Harlem’s new fashion gem, a must visit!
6. H & M
Train: Locations throughout Manhattan
Hours: 10am-7pm
$10 for that dress will make all the guys go WHOA! Now that's smart shopping.

Locations throughout Manhattan
Hours: 10am-7pm
They always have something cute that goes with something in your closet.

8. Planet Earth
361 E. Fordum Rd. or 136 E. Fordum Rd.
718/584-5104 Train: D or B train to E. Fordum Rd.
Hours: 10am-7pm
All the latest in your urban fashion needs can be found here.

9.Pieces Boutique
671 Vanderbilt Ave (Park Ave. and Vanderbilt)
Hours: Monday's by appointment only; Tuesday to Thursday 11am-7pm; Friday and Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 11am-6pm
Shhh...keep this shop on the low ‘cause they have some CUTE stuff. You don't want everyone rocking your new style now do you?

10.Saada Inc.
1159 2nd Ave.
Train: 6 to 57th st.
Hours: 10am-7pm
Saada means happiness in Arabic, and this shop will make any woman happy with its fashionable line of cloths and accessories.

4 Fella's
1.Dr. Jay's
E. Fordum Rd. in the Bronx and Fulton St. Mall in Brooklyn
Train: Locations throughout the Bronx and Brooklyn
Hours: 10am-7pm
Brooklyn and the Bronx's hot urban shopping spot.

2. Jimmy Jazz
E. Fordum Rd. in the Bronx and Fulton St. Mall in Brooklyn
Train: Locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.
Hours: 10am-7pm
There's one in every hood. They have the latest in urban wear and designers.

3. Century 2122
Cortlandt Street
Train: A or C train to Broadway/Layfette
Hours: Monday to Wednesday and Friday 7:45am-8pm; Thursday 7:45am-8:30pm; Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 11am-7pm
Check out the men's section for dope urban threads at discount prices.

4. Armani Exchange
Colomubs Circle Center, 129 5th Ave., and other locations in Manhattan
Train: A train to 59th St. and Colombus
Hours: 10am-7pm
When you can't buy the original Armani, AX will do just fine.

5. Hyperactive
146 Delancey St. and other locations in Brooklyn and the Bronx
Train: N or R to Delancy
Hours: 10am-7pm
Get the hype! This store sells the latest in urban sports wear.

6. Macy's
151 W 34th St.
Train: A, C, 2, 3, N or R to 34th st.
Hours: 10am-8pmF
loor 1.5 is where you find the mecca of all urban designers, from Sean John to Phat Farm.

7. Pink
58th St. at Colombus Circle
Train: A,C,D,B,1,9 to 58th Colombus Circle
Hours: 10am-7pm
Pink is the new black. Check this store out when you really need something different in ya life.

8. B. Oyama Homme
2330 7th Ave. (between 136th St. and 137th St.)
212/234-5128Train: 2 or 3 to 135th Street; B or C to 135th Street
Hours: 10am-7pm
Need a serious grown man look? Then peep out all the high-end button-ups they have here.

9. NBA Store
666 5th Ave.
Train: F to 5th Ave. or B/Q to Rockefeller Center
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 11-6pm
Get ya game and ya look right. Need a Jersey? No problem. They have them all here.

10. Michael K.
512 Broadway
Train: N or R train to Prince St
Hours: 10am-7pm
This upscale urban clothing store has it all: LRG, Sean John, and lots of sneakers.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Got Fish?
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Who has the best fried fish in all of NYC?

There is nothing that I love more then a good ole piece of fried fish. Recently a co-worker took me to a spot in harlem and the fish was soooo good. Harlem is holding it down with: Famous Seafood on 132 and St. Nick, Taste of Seafood on 125th and 5th, The underground fish spot at 145 and St. Nick right by the D/B train, and Devin’s Fish on St Nic. and 147th. Brooklyn's Mada Duke's owned my P. Diddy's moms gives all these places a run for their money with her fried catfish finders which are off da hook.

The only real place to get a good piece of fish in Manhattan is at The Pink Tea Cup in The Village. Our low-carb special is to order 4 scrambled eggs and a piece of Catfish. Mix that all together and enjoy. Wash is down with water and you won't feel to guilty after. Or you can check out The Soul Cafe on 34th and 9th ave. They have some REALLY good fish there as well.

Got a fish spot we should feature? Let us know! Holla

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4 Da Sneaker Heads
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1. Premium Good's
694 Fulton St (Btw. Ft. Green Pl & S. Elliot),
Train: A or C to LayffetteHours: 10am-7pm
Plus a whole slew of sneakers many people have never seen in the US.

2. Alife Rivington Club
158 Rivington St Cross Street: Between Clinton Street and Suffolk Street
Train: F to Second Ave
Hours: Tues-Sun. 12pm-7pm
This down-low sneaker spot has some SERIOUS kicks that will make you shell out that $300.

3. Adidas Orginals
136 Wooster St
Train: N or R to Prince St.
Hours: 10am-7pm
My Adidas! Your Adidas! Who does't like Adidas!
4. Training Camp
41 and 6th AVe
Train: D Train to 42nd.
Hours: 10am-7pm
A large selections of sneakers and large sizes.

5. B-Jay's USA
145th and Broadway, plus other locations in the Bronx.
Train: 1 or 9 to 145th St.
Hours: 10am-7pm
Affordable kicks that don't look like they where brought at K-Mart.

6. NikeTown
6 East 57th St. NY
Train: N or R to 57th
Hours: 10am-7pm
The mothership for all that is NIKE!

7. VIM
E. Fordum Rd.
Train: D to E. Fordum Rd.
There are tons of them in and around the city. always have a dope deal on a fresh pair of kicks. Make sure you check them out on ya next sneakr shopping trip.

99 North 10th Street
Break out ya skate board and skate your troubles away. otherwise pick up a nice pair of sneakers here.

9. Dave's Quality Meats
7 East 3rd off the Bowery
Train: F to Bowery
Hours: 10am-7pm
You won't find salamey here but a dope selections of sneakers and t-shirts.

10. Nort 235
235 Eldridge Street
If your looking for sneakers that you won't see alot of people wearing then visit this spot.

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Subway Train Entertainment
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Who would have known that there is so much talent underground in NYC? During anytime of the day or night you can run across a train show. Most frequently you will see the hip-hop dance performance. Usually two or three brotha’s break dance on the train to the hottest break beats. You might also run into a Puerto Rican kid playing 50 Cent on his violin. There are a lot of singers that will roll though the train at any given time. And now starting to pop up on the trains are the spoken word artist spitting ill rhymes for a few coins. Keep ya eyes out for train entertainment cause you’ll never know what you’ll see.

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Monday, April 25, 2005
Get Your Spa On!
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Cynergy Spa - Harlem
207 West 135th Street (betweenAdam Clayton Powell Boulevard andFrederick Douglass Boulevard)
(212) 491-7880
Subway: 2 or 3 to 135th Street; B orC to 135th Street
The Cynergy Spa and Wellness Center is all about you. Cynergy combines the latest techniques in
beauty, body care and the promotion of wellness and does so with African-American flair. Located in
one of Harle,'s best-known historic neighborhoods, Cynergy's staff and their products evoke images and
feelings that celebrate the richness of the African Diaspora. Cynergy is a full service spa whose services
include hair care, nail care, skin care, massage therapy and more. If your goal is to relax your body, calm your mind, or to delight and uplift your senses, then Cynergy is the place for you. Brothers are welcome!

Turning Heads
218 Lenox Avenue (at 121st Street)
Subway: 2 or 3 to 125th Street
(212) 828-4600
YMCA, Turning Heads now resides Formerly located in the Harlem in a newly renovated Brownstone on Harlem's historic Lenox Avenue. The bottom floor houses a fully appointed day spa. The second floor is home to a salon specializing in locks, braids, color, cuts, weaves, relaxers, blow drying, barbering, lock extensions, and natural hair for the African-American community. Gentlemen are welcome with open arms.

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Celb. Owned Spots
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40/40 Club owned by Jay-Z
W 25th St
Train: NR to 23rd St
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7pm-3am; Sat-Sun til 4am
The answer to the eternal question: where the ballers at? Jay-Z's midtown sports club is the spot where players play... and watch big screens and pay for overpriced drinks. Oh, and they check out girls who roll though in their most scandalous gear, hoping for a glimpse of Marcy's son. When she doesn't find him, be sure to slip her your number. WARNING: There is a dress code. No sneakers, jerseys, Timberlands, or baseball caps. So break out your Roc-A-Wear button up and come chill at Hovi's spot.

Jimmy's Bronx Cafe City Island co-owned by Fat Joe
500 City Island Ave
Train: Take the 12 Bus to City Island
Hours: Sun-Wed, 11am-1am; Thurs-Sat, 11am-2am
This is by far the best Hispanic food you'll ever have in New York City. This is not a yuppie place, so all y'all yuppie types go somewhere else. Rappers like Fat Joe and radio personality Angie Martinez hang out here all the time. The food is consistently good, and you will not be disappointed.

Michael Jordan's Steak House
Grand Central Station, Upper Concourse,
23 Vanderbilt Ave212.655.2300
Train: 6 to Grand Central Station
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-10am, 12pm-2:45pm, 5pm-11pm; Sat 5pm-11pm; Sun 5pm-10pm
This places is always busy, and if you love a good steak, then your money will be well-spent here. And if you are lucky and Jordan is in town, you might just see him chillin' up in the spot.

The Cherry Lounge co-owned by Timbaland and DJ Clue
454 W. 128th St. (btw. Amsterdam and Convent Ave.)
Train: A,C,D,B to 125th
Hours: Mon-Sun, 11pm-4am
Timbaland and DJ Clue have taken over this out-of-the-way Harlem location and turn it into a slammin' night club for the grown and sexy. 20 and 30 something hip-hop and R&B heads can be found chillin' at this spot. White T's, urban fashion, and button-up for the guys. Ladies, break our your Baby Phat jeans or your sexy Ecko Red top and have fun.

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Hot Spots Dat Play Hip-Hop
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199 Bowery
212/982.77676 C to Spring St; F to 2nd Avenue
$7 to $12 drinks
Nod ya head to hip-hop and R&B on the weekends.

2. NV
289 Spring Street (at Hudson Street)
212/929.6868A,C train to Canel Street
10pm to 4am
$9 to $13 drinks
There is ALWAYS a party going on here, however, the security is TIGHT!

3. 40/40
6 W 25th Street
N,R to 23rd Street
Monday to Friday 7pm to 3am, Saturday to Sunday 'til 4am
$10 to $20 drinks
Jay-Z's latest business venture.

4. SOB’s
200 Varick Street
1,9 to Houston
Monday to Thursday and Sunday 7pm to 2am; Friday and Saturday 'til 4:30am
$8 to $12 drinks
There's always a party going on here. The fellas over at Allhiphop.com name this as their number 1 hotspot.

5. The Duplexx
46 Washington Avenue (between Park Avenue and Flushing Avenue)
G at Clinton-Washington Streets
8pm to 4am
$5 to $20
Where all the sexy people come to play.

6. Ida Mae's Kitchen - n - Lounge
111 W 38th Street
A,C,E to 42nd St
$10 to $15 drinks
This is becoming the new late-night spot for the brothas and sistas who like to mix and mingle.

7. Club New York
1487 1st Avenue
A,C,E to 42nd Street
Friday to Sunday 10pm to 4am
$10 to $15 cover; $10 to $15 drinks
The security is TIGHT up in here! But once you get pass that, it's a cute spot to chill at.

8. Coffee Shop
29 Union Square
N,R,4,6 to 14th Street/Union Square
10pm until ?
$8 to $10 drinks
The downstairs lounge on a Saturday is where all the beautiful brothas and sistas are chillin'.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005
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YEs we have learned how to Podcast and we will soon be bring you a weekly Podcast over viewing the best the hood has to offer.

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The Bathing Ape Store
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Soho, Spring and Green St.

Pharrell and Nigo kicked off the opening of the Bathing Ape store this week in Manhattan. All the media outlets, from BET: Style to MTV News, were on hand to hear what Pharrell and Nigo had to say about the store.
Nigo is the founder and owner of The Bathing Ape brand. Pharrell made the shoes popular in the US when wearing a pair during a concert. The Bathing Ape, or Bape's as sneaker heads call them, are some of the most sought after shoes on the market. With the store comes the price drop from $300 to $180 for the sneakers. Jackets, umbrellas, hats, and other appeal can also be found at this store. They also have this little bear toy that looks just like me. So I must buy it next time I'm at the store.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Bronx Love!
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I was watching the news last night and there is a story about how the Bronx gets no love in Zagats. And it's true. Caue after researching every travel guide printeed there BX, Harlem, Queens, and even certain parts of BRooklyn do not get the shine they deserve. And that's why we are here. So instead of making you all wait for the book launch each day we are going to feature our favorite spots in Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, and Queens. And sometimes Manhattan...lol.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Up Jumps the boogy cause the boogy loves me!
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Hey all you gready heads out there. Yeah we are finally getting this business off the ground so check back here soon for more updates and the offical launch of the book. We are getting ready to rock and roll party people.

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