Monday, October 17, 2005
Nivea blames Ciara for her flop album
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Over at http://www.niveafan.com/ Nivea yapps off at the mouth on why her albums flopped. She says stuff like:

A lot of the Ciara success had a lot to do with it... you have people who seem to put this together and they have a chance to make more money at other labels because of this instant success which is fine, but the label had time to recognize this and put me with other people on the staff, you know ie marketing, but thats okay, just send my check for my next album by the option, or let me go. Its just a business and I understand that now more than ever.

Girlfriend lets get real here for a moment. Your albums where LACK LUSTER AT BEST! Dont HATE on Ciara cause she can sing a little bit, dance a little bit, and sell 2 mil records. You where not the flavor of the month and your single OKAY sounded like whole live pigs being killed at slaughter.

She goes on to talk about:

Int:With Parking Lot, what happened, it was doing really well at first, #1 most added
Actually, it wasnt doing good at all. That first week I believe thats when it was #1 most added, immediately [after] it went away, I dont know what happened, I guess people didnt get it really.Im surprised…Once it was recorded and sent in, it was kind of weak especially next to all the other records, but... everybody was all so convinced that this is gonna do it, trust us and it just so, so went the other way. We tried to tell them that. People werent gonna get it, we knew that. It wasnt JDs best, and maybe that's my fault - I should have waited 'til I heard the best then recorded, because the Mariah songs were on a whole nother level especially the lyrical content, which was also weak on Parking Lot…so that didnt work out.

HELLO you are NOT Mariah! You will never be Mariah! MAriah is a icon you are ghetto girl who should really be working at McDonalds making $4.50 an hour. And I'm sure Ms. Carey PAID her ass off for the best that JD had to offer.

She continues on to say:

And then there was a big ol thing, like they thought it was such a problem to talk about the pregnancy and have it shown, like BET wanted to come to my home but they had that shutdown because they thought oh shes gonna flop, because Brandy did it, so shes gonna do it too.

BET did? Well I guess that makes sense cause its cheap and easy content to throw up on TV. Nivea could have been the poster girl for wannabe R&B singer non-dancing single mom's everywhere.

And the big smack int he face is when..

INT:Are you working on new material now for your next album or are you gonna take a break?
Actually were starting on a Christmas album. Its gonna be real nice.

INT:Actual Christmas songs? Like Jingle Bells?
Yeah, its gonna be good.

Even the interviewer sounds in disbelif that she would even go so low as to release a Christmas album. Im sure everyone who gets her Christmas album will be using it to light the fire in the fire place this Christmas.

INT: There has been talk that your Lil Jon single, Okay was ready for release before Ciaras Goodies, but it was held back until afterwards
Oh yeah, oh my God, I was scheduled to be released that May [2004], but they wanted to wait and get her’s out of the way. Not realising that it was… because Lil Jon did the song, and I because I did it, I was already an artist that people were kind of already familiar with, and with her being a new artist, it would have kinda shot hers out of the way, kinda making her look like a copycat…so it was like lets get her [Ciara] out of the way, we know this is gonna do well, then well do Okay, cos thats just a great song anyway, and well release it whenever, its gon do what its gon do… Then, they tried to get it [buy Okay] on the low and put it on Ciaras album! But thank God the offer was turned down. Actually the offer was made to Dream and he turned it down.

Yadda yadda yadda...you need to die your hair the color of Beyonce in order to be a famale R&B singer in todays market. Did you get that memo Nivea?

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