Monday, November 14, 2005
50 Cent/G-Unit Books
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50 Cent and the whole G-Unit crew have just signed a deal with MTV/Pocket Books to launch G-Unit Books. Nikki Turner, author of A Hustler's Wife will pen the first book in the deal and will be out by this summer, according to Pocket Books Publisher Louise Burke. The publisher expects G-Unit Books to produce two or three books a year of prose fiction, with the illustrated, graphic novels sprinkled into the schedule. The deal grew out of MTV/Pocket's publication of 50 Cent's memoir, From Pieces to Weight, which spent eight weeks on The New York Times best seller list and continues to sell. 50 Continues to extend his brand over a vast array of area more then any other rapper.

But I think they should get creative and not just do ood books. How about some urban sci-fi. Maybe 50 Cent and the Planet of the Bapes, or 50 Cent in Wonderland. How about Banks in Around the Hood in 8 Days.

posted by Sneaker15 @ 11/14/2005 06:14:00 PM